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Yuletide 2010 Recs

First of all, I really want to rec my gift this year! Muchacha is a really awesome Machete fic about Sartana and Luz. I think the author did a really great job of characterizing both of them :DDD

More recs under the cut...

21st Century Girls is a really, really fantastic 20th Century Boys fic. Just... next to my own requested fic, I think this one may be my favorite this year.

Don't forget your dancin' shoes is a fic based on Janelle Monae's ArchAndroid, and specifically the Tightrope video. It's a really good fleshing out of the Nurse character from the video, and a really cool set of worldbuilding.

I liked all three Homestuck fics, but I think my favorite was Crimson, wherein Karkat freaks out over John dying. The author does a really great job of characterizing Karkat, John, and Kanaya, the general tone of the series, and how hard it is being a kid and growing up.

Through His Iron Fingers is a really sweet Iron Giant fic about Hogarth waiting for the Giant to come back.

We've got a world that Swings is a Malcolm in the Middle fic. I wasn't really sure whether I liked it or not until the end, but on balance, I really did. Not so much the Dabney parts (though those were good), but I think everything about Malcolm's family, and what it was like growing up as the total weirdos in town, rings really true.

broken knife is a fic for The Outsiders, about Johnny and Dallas' relationship. I think it caught a lot of the feel of the book, and the kind of lives both boys led.

Dimensional Transcendence is a Scott Pilgrim fic about Knives and Ramona. Knives is my favorite character in the series, so I really enjoyed this one, and I liked the Ramona characterization too.

Strangely Patriotic is another Scott Pilgrim fic, where Kim, Knives, and Ramona go on an epic Canadian roadtrip together. I love all the little touches that put it in the Scott Pilgrim universe, and how generally Canadian it is; really, I only wish it was longer.

Green is a really cute Skip Beat fic where Kyoko learns a little bit about jealousy :) It's not exactly Kyoko/Ren, but it's not exactly gen either.

Underneath is Static Shock bodyswitch fic! You can read it as gen or Virgil/Richie, but either way it's a fun story.

Things Floating Like the First Hundred Flakes of Snow is a really great Strindberg and Helium fic. "Science!" she sings as softly as she can manage, and Strindberg's face lights up for the briefest of moments.

An Honest Man is a Suikoden III fic focusing around Thomas, and trying to do the right thing in confusing circumstances.

Anyway, I'm still reading, but I figured I'd drop these recs off for now :)
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Aw, thank you for the rec on Through His Iron Fingers!

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Thank you for the rec on 'We've got a world that Swings'!