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Jetamors ([personal profile] jetamors) wrote2011-03-03 11:17 pm
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White Lotus

Okay, so before I forget, again, I want to mention a fic I wrote recently for the [community profile] white_lotus challenge. It's called The Makka, and it's an AtLA fic about Katara and Aang fighting monsters at the South Pole! I'm going to hold off on uploading it to archives, because I want to write a set of stories about their trip: Katara finding new Waterbenders, Aang solving problems, and both of them being awesome.

I received fanart for this fest: Next Generation, which shows Kanna teaching Katara how to take care of Tenzin. The Water Tribe is my favorite, and I'd asked for something about the ladies in it; I'm really happy with the art I got and the strong family bonds it shows.

Anyway, there was a lot of great fic, art, vids, and crafts in this fest, so if you haven't already, I'd encourage you to check them all out!

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