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Kaleidoscope recs

I think I might have won Kaleidoscope this year. No, seriously. I got two really amazing fics, and I love them both unconditionally.

Fifty Years in the Virtuous City is based on the short story Sultana's Dream, about a utopia where women become the rulers, and of course set everything to rights :) I was especially interested in the two Lady Principals of the country's two great universities, and I basically got the perfect fic for them that was more than I ever imagined. I think I left a more articulate comment on the story itself, but omg the worldbuilding, and the two women and their decades-long relationship, and the building of the country, and the science!! Basically everything about it was perfect and you all need to read it.

And I got a treat, too! This was for The Interview for the webseries The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl, and I don't know who the author is, but she got J's voice (and awkwardness) so pitch-perfect! I love how you can see foreshadowing of all the ridiculous events coming down the line, and the ending is golden. This fic really feels like an extension of the series to me, and I loved it a lot.

There were a lot of other really great stories posted, so more recs under the cut! Consider this very non-exhaustive; I haven't managed to read everything yet.

New Tales, for Static Shock, is a really lovely fic, about how Anansi alters his stories to make a place for some new archetypes :) I love Virgil at the end of this one, too.

The Empty Space, for No. 6, is a college AU of the actual series, and I really loved how well the author linked things up. Nezumi being some kind of rogue student, and Shion being enthusiastic and constantly questioning and completely horrible at acting, and Shion and Safu's friendship, basically I loved everything about it.

Matchmaking, for You're Beautiful, is about Minyeo trying to set up her brother with Yu Heyi. It felt really comfortable to me, like the series itself, and very IC; I loved the Minyeo/Taekyung fluff, and I loved seeing more of Heyi, who was one of my favorite characters from the original series, and I thought the author did a really great job of extrapolating Minam's personality from the little we see of him in the series.

Sword and Fan and Feathered Jacket for Di Renjie, was really excellent as well. The relationship between Jing'er and Empress Wu is pitch-perfect, and Di's gentle trolling is hilarious. It's nice to see how Jing'er learns and grows from both of them.

Meeting Halfway, for Kimi ni Todoke, was fantastic and painful, and just kind of... oof, I guess. I loved getting into Chizuru's head, seeing her selective obliviousness, and watching her and Ayane and Ryu trying to get into relationships that just don't quite fit. Overall, it's bittersweet, but not in a bad way at all; you remember that they're all teenagers, and so there's really a refreshing openness to the end.

Soulmates Never Go Out of Fashion, for Capital Scandal, was about how Sun Woo Wan and Cha Song Ju met and became friends, and it's pretty much perfect. Both of them are hilariously in-character, and it brought back everything I loved about their friendship.

Silence Speaks Louder Than Words is for Natsume Yuujinchou, about Taki's year of silence. The author does a really great job of showing how lonely she was, the different things she tried, her determination through the entire year.

I have to rec MTV or risk Makmende delivering a roundhouse kick to the face. Just... just watch it. You'll see.

Heart Like a Bird, again for Natsume Yuujinchou, is a lovely one, about Hinoe growing up, and her changing views about humans.

Votum, for Madoka Magica, is just 100 words, so it's hard to describe without explaining the whole story. Madoka makes a wish, I guess you could say.

Well they have to be good for something is like, the best ArchAndroid art. It's just so Cindi.