• Jun. 16th, 2010 at 9:07 PM
jetamors: Chi, is annoyed! (Chi is annoyed)
1. Oh fandom, can you stop punching me in the face for like two seconds? Jeez, I get it, this is not my safe space.

Related: you stay classy, Naruto fandom.

2. I have an FMA fic mostly-finished, but I think it'll need a beta; anyone want to look it over? It's maybe 1200 or 1300 words, nothing too bad.

3. More ridiculous Saiunkoku fluff! Though maybe I should write some less marriage-related ones next...

Title: The Beginning
Rating: G
Pairing: Shuurei/Jyuusan-hime
Etc: ~400 words, fluffy. Also I seem to be incapable of spelling Jyaasen Jyuusen Jyuusan-hime's name, so plz tell me if I have any typos.
Jyuusan-hime had received many marriage proposals. This one, however, was easily the strangest. )